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Welcome to the official home of The Hills Rise Wild! On this page we'll post the latest news & updates for our fast-play miniatures game of monstrous hillbilly carnage, including rule variants and new factions for you to try. You can also submit your own and we'll post 'em on this page for everybody to play with.

Downloads and Extras

  • The original faction sheets v1.0 in PDF format.
  • A blank faction sheet so you can make your own crazed hillbillies, in PDF format.
  • A Mi-Go faction created by Lon Teal.
  • Play in 3-D! Here's a color paper model of a shack, so you can make your own Dunwich with full terrain. It's in JPG format. And once you've got that swell 3-D shack file downloaded, here's a cutting guide to help you put it together, also in JPG format.
  • Will wonders never cease? Here's a blank 3-D shack that you can illustrate, draw on, or whatever, for a total custom job. Again, this is in JPG format.

Rule Variants

Ain't No Room In Thuh World Fer Your Kind!
Okay fergit 'bout all this har dark god sumnin' bidness. Thuh only reason we need that thar ol' book is on account a it'll help us blow them other damn critters ta kingdom come! And that'll be an end on it. The Necronomicon works slightly different in this variant. Once it is returned to the summoning circle, the summoning roll is made as normal with the standerd penalties for fumbling. But a successful roll gives you two choices. You can either 1) inflict a brutal damage roll on the enemy character of your choice or 2) take one point of damage and bring back one of your dead characters, as long as the character's corpse is still on the board. The dead character returns with 1 life point and all other attributes as they were at the time of death. The character appears in the summoning circle and you remove the corpse. The last surviving faction is the winner.
Author: Jesper Myrfors

Unnatural Selection
This is a setup rule variant. Rather than randomly choosing the mystery cards, try this: remove the Great Whateley Seal from the deck, since this card has to be in the selection of mystery cards. Now pass the stack of remaining shack cards around, starting with the player who was the last to place his or her first tile. Each player gets to look through the deck and choose one card they would like to see in play. Continue passing the deck and chosing a card in this manner until there is one card for every shack, including the Great Whateley Seal. Shuffle all the chosen cards and place them randomly on the board. As an option: during the card-selection rounds, each player could remove a single card from the deck instead of choosing one to include; this can only be done once per player. The Great Whateley Seal may not be excluded.
Author: Jesper Myrfors

The Pits!
Durnit, the Dholes are at it agin! Increased siesmic activity has left Dunwich littered with gaping, bottomless pits. When setting up the board, place tiles as normal with the caveat that home tiles and Thuh Mansion may not be boxed in with non-shack tiles. When all tiles are placed, flip over the non-shack tiles for your bottomless pits. If any character moves onto one of these tiles for any reason (such as a Knockback), he falls into the pit never to be seen again. Remove the character from the board and treat him as dead. No cards may be used to bring him back, as he's probably still busy falling. Any items carried are lost with him, so be careful with that Necronomicon! For even more fun, try this with my “Ice!” optional rule. “Whee! This here slidin’s fun . . . oops!”
Author: Chris, Waffle King of Milwaukee

Watch out Clem, this here ground ain’t firm . . . Clem? All those underground rivers have finally eroded the ground in Dunwich to a thin crust. Set up the game board as normal, with the caveat that home tiles and Thuh Mansion may not be boxed in by non-shack tiles. Anytime a character steps onto a non-shack tile that already has another character on it roll d20. This roll has a -1 modifier for each character already on the tile (all that extra weight cannae help). On a result of 1-5 the ground collapses, sending all characters on the tile plunging into a bottomless pit (flip over the tile) as per “The Pits!” variant, above. On a 6-20 the ground remains firm, for now.
Author: Chris, Waffle King of Milwaukee

Optional Rules

The Fog!
A fog has rolled into Dunwich! It's as thick as a cauldron of pea soup. Treat the fog as a partial obstacle for penalty purposes every 6" of distance to the target. This distance can be changed to suit the players' desire to make things more difficult or less difficult.
Author: Chad Wilson

Carcosan Creep
Hastur's taken an intrest in Dunwich and the scenery is getting fuzzy. At the end of each round, each player may choose one non-Home, non-Mansion tile and switch it with any other non-Home, non-Mansion tile on the board. Characters on the affected tiles do not move with them, but instead remain in the same (relatively) positions on the new tile. If this puts an obstacle between two characters in melee, so be it. If this causes a character to be standing on an obstacle, his player can fudge him to either side as necessary. If a character ends up inside a shack due to the move, the card is revealed (if it hasn't been so already) and any mandatory effects take place at the beginning of that character's movement phase.
Author: Chris, Waffle King of Milwaukee

The Terror Beneath
Something stranger than usual is happening in Dunwich. People who go out alone are often never heard from again. It's best to buddy up and keep your eyes open. For this variant, remove the Tentacle From Thuh Earth card from the deck and keep it next to the board face up. If at any time a faction member becomes seperated from their group (meaning that no line of sight can be traced between that faction member and any other member of the same faction) then roll the die. On a 1-10 the character is safe. On an 11-20 the Tentacle strikes. Apply the card as normal to find out what happens. Afterwards, the Tenacle goes back on the table to await its next victim. The tentacle may strike anywhere on the board, inside or outside. Unconsious faction members do not contribute to line of sight, but the Tentacle does not attack unconscious characters. As an option, you may have it that the tentacle does not attack anyone who has the Necronomicon.
Author: Jesper Myrfors

Beer! Beer! Beer!
There is something significant missing from this game about Hillbillies: Beer. Luckly, there are some blank hats to place on the board. Roll 1D6 per player (what, another die?) and that's how many Cans O' Beer there are on the board. Split them among the players and place them on the board. Each Can O' Beer allows the drinker to regain one Life Point. It costs 2" of movement to drink the beer and crush the can. You can carry both an Item and a Can O' Beer at the same time.
Author: Yuri Zahn

Take that, y'mutant!
Characters may hurl an item they're carrying at a cost of 2 inches of movement. Objects travel 2 inches plus the character's attack modifier in distance (minimum of 1 inch). If an object is thrown at another character, roll d20 and add half the thrower's melee attack modifier. Subtract the target's defensive modifier. If you get a 12+, you hit: roll on the Damage Table. If you get a 11 or less, the target may make a melee attack roll to catch the item. If the throw is botched, then the target can opt to catch and hold or catch and throw back the object. Mutually consenting characters can throw items between themselves during the movement phase at a cost of 2 inches movement to each character. Roll a d20 each time the characters play catch. If the die result is three or less, the catcher fails to catch the item and it goes sailing over its head for another 2 inches. Obviously, those who can not carry items can't throw them.
Author: Drew Meger

Finders Keepers! We sure be eatin' good tonight!
Characters can pick up the corpses of the fallen and lug them about the board. It costs 2 inches of movement to heft the corpse. After hefting the corpse, a character's movement is halved (round down for all families but the Marshes, who round up). A corpse can be dropped unceremoniously as an instant action at any time, but can only be hefted again during the movement phase. Besides the obvious nutritional value of a corpse, carried corpses have other beneficial effects: First, a character with a corpse gets a 2 point bonus to defense against ranged attacks. Second, two corpses on top of each other provide partial cover. Third, a corpse leaned up against a door or window makes entry difficult. A corpse placed on purpose against a door or window blocks entry through that portal from the opposite side. Anyone wishing to burst a corpse baracade must attack and succeed in doing 2 Life Points of damage to it. This destroys the corpse and removes it from the game. Fourth, large or savage characters (those with melee attack modifiers of at least +3) can weild a corpse like a weapon (it gives +1 to the damage roll) or hurl it like a ranged weapon (+2 attack bonus, 2" range + melee attack bonus in inches, one ammo per corpse). Junior can opt to use his special ability on a corpse and hurl it his full ten inches. Besides the stank, corpses have a few drawbacks: First, they cut movement in half (round down for all families but Marsh). Second, they give an attacker a +2 bonus to hit the corpse carrier in melee combat. Third, if a corpse is brought back to life through some other rule while being carried, it gets one free attack at +3 on its 'owner.'
Author: Drew Meger

Ma! Get off the dang roof!
Characters can climb up to the roofs of shacks, trees, and even the Mansion. It costs 4 inches of movement to make it to the roof of a shack or tree. It costs 6 inches of movement to reach the top of the Mansion. Characters on roofs or in trees get partial cover against ranged attacks and all ranged attackers must add 2 inches to their range to hit roof-bound characters. Characters with two inch melee ranges may hit roof-bound or tree-bound characters, provided they are near the edge. Roof-bound and tree-bound characters get two inches added onto their ranges for all ranged attacks as well as a 2 point bonus to hit. Roof-bound characters may not enter shacks without swinging through the windows or door. This costs 2 inches of movement. Roof-bound characters may not enter the mansion until the doors are unlocked. If a character takes damage while on a roof or in a tree, they must roll a d20 and add their melee attack modifier to the result. If they total a 12 or higher, they stay up. If they get a 5 to 11, they fall off the roof for no damage. If they get a 2 to 4, they fall off the roof and must roll on the damage table. If they get a 1 or less, they must roll on the Brutal Damage table. Falling off the Mansion, one must score an 18+ to avoid any damage, 12-18 results in a roll on the damage table, 2+ causes a roll on the Brutal Damage table, and a roll of 1 or less causes instant character reincarnation as a pancake (i.e., death). To get off the dang roof, character must either spend movement to climb down (4" for shacks and trees, 6" for the mansion) or leap off the roof. Leaping gives the character an extra three inches (six for leaping off the mansion) to their movement for the round. Leaping onto another character grants a +4 to the leaper's melee attacks that round, provided the target is within three inches of the shack or tree leapt from (or 6 for the mansion). Leaping requires that the character roll a d20 upon landing and add their melee attack modifer to the result. If leaping from a shack or tree, a roll of 12 or higher results in no damage, 2 to 11 results in a roll on the Damage table with a +2 modifier, and a 1 results in a roll on the Brutal Damage table. Leaping from the mansion, one must score an 18+ to avoid any damage, 12-18 results in a roll on the damage table, 2+ causes a roll on the Brutal Damage table, and a 1 or less causes Instant Smushy Death. Characters in trees suffer a -4 penalty to all melee attacks. Characters may add 4 inches (for shacks or trees) or 6 inches (for the mansion) to the range of any hurled item from the roof, if that optional rule is used.
Author: Drew Meger

Communism is Gud!
Factions may pool their Special Ability usage. Rather than allowing each character to use his or her Special Ability once, the entire faction may use a total of six “charges” for their special abilities. Give each player six Special Ability Tokens (pennies work well, but severed fingers are not without their own charm). A player must spend one of these tokens in order to activate a character's Special Ability. The same Special Ability can be activated multiple times by spending multiple tokens over the course of play. This variant often results in a more bloody, unpredictable game.
Author: Drew Meger

A freak cold snap leaves Dunwich covered in a purty, slickery sheet of ice. Any time a character moves outside for more than 2" in a straight line roll a d20. On a result of 11-20 the character continues movement as normal. If the result is 1-10 the character slips on the ice and travels in a straight line for his or her full remaining movement plus an extra 2". If the character hits an obstacle, roll on the damage table. If that obstacle is another character, roll on the damage table for both.
Author: Chris, Waffle King of Milwaukee

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